Essay on Reflection Of My Nature And Nurture Development

Essay on Reflection Of My Nature And Nurture Development

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Reflection of My Nature and Nurture Development
Jayce Thompson
Concordia University

Developmental Psychology is an area which studies how we as humans change over the period of our life span. The majority of the focus is broken into three categories: cognitive, physical and social change. The creation of who we are today comes down to the everlasting debate of nature versus nurture. This ongoing debate of what makes us who we are and which one is the driving force in development may be so simple that it’s complex. Rather than it being a conflict of nature “versus” nurture, it is very well possible both play an equal part in the development of us as humans. In the beginning, we start off as single cell in the form of a zygote. In that moment, where the DNA begin to form and the first seconds of life take place, the zygote is already experiencing interaction with the womb. In the process of determining why we are who are it is better to look more at the interactions of nature and nurture, analyzing how both have shaped us.
Nature in developmental psychology can be defined as the behaviors formed or based on the genetic make-up and hormones we are born with. This side would argue that DNA is the pivotal component in deciding who we are.
Physically, I have been told to look very similar to my father. When looking back at old pictures of him when he was my age it is very easy to see the resemblance and traits that have been passed down to me. Of course, looking at the photos he was and still is much more hairy than I am and I am also just about an inch shorter than he is. My mother on the other hand I believe I look less like, but I have received noticeable physical traits I know derive from her side of the family. The...

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...tion of understanding how the two affect us as a whole. Both nature and nurture as an interaction and mix of the two form the overall psychological state in which we live. Genetics for example play a major role in determining the overall IQ and types of intellectual studies a person may be great in. Although, the environment and experience of constantly learning, making those new inner neural connections can increase the intelligence of a person. In this situation genetics may set an original intellectual ceiling, but through interaction with schooling and learning we are able to expand the IQ. At first glance it may seem easy to determine which traits are differentiated by genetics or experience, but after much reflection and looking back on my own life I have come to the conclusion that it is an interaction of the two that creates the final product of us as humans.

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