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Reflection Of My Interview Process Essay

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The people involved in my interview process were three teachers, Mrs. Epperson and elementary teacher from Trenton, Mrs. Kaufman a middle teacher from Chillicothe, and Mrs. Forster a high school teacher from Trenton. Also, Dr. Miller a middle school principal from Platte County and Mrs. Palmer from Chillicothe. Finally, Doug Franklin a school board member from Trenton. Each personnel had their own things in common with one another, as well as their own differences. However, one thing that stuck out was they all wanted to make a difference.
Even though all these educators have different job titles many of them are similar. All of them some way said that they wanted to make a difference in a student’s life. Teachers I interviewed were similar in their own ways also. I asked what their least favorite thing was about teaching and all of them answered with a smile and said, grading papers. Mrs. Epperson and Mrs. Kaufman both addressed their student’s different learning styles by grouping their students based on their performances and levels of reading. They are also similar in their teaching styles. They both do a lot of hands on and group learning. Dr. Miller, a middle school principal, and Mrs. Palmer, a counselor, both had similar ways that they deal with conflicts. They both say that listening to their students and seeing both sides of the story are key things when dealing with conflicts. When asked what qualities each position should have all interviewees agreed on one quality, and that was being passionate. One would think that a school board member would not have much in common with the staff that actually works in the schools and well ones who think that would be wrong. When asked what are the duties of a school board member,...

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...hink the interviewing experience will help me have so much respect for my coworkers when I become a teacher because everyone that works in a school is just as important and just as passionate as I am.
All in all, my interview process was very successful. I learned new things and got some pretty good side note advice for when I become a teacher. Everyone has his or her similarities and differences; an elementary teacher does not manage her classroom like a high school teacher. Everyone in the school community is passionate and there for a reason, to help students and ensure they have a safe environment to come to everyday. They all for the most part deal with conflicts the same way and not one person is more important than another. If there was one thing that I could take away from my interviews was simply that, that not one person is more important than the other.

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