Reflection of a Macbeth Performance in The Gamm Theatre Essay

Reflection of a Macbeth Performance in The Gamm Theatre Essay

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The Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket, Rhode Island did an excelent job performing the drama filled play Macbeth. Directed by Fred Sullivan Jr and starring Tony Estrella, the Gamm's own artistic director, as Macbeth himself, with Jeanine Kane at his side playing Lady Macbeth. I found that these two as performers have strong solo acts and put an interesting and unique twist to the set. Other characters such as; Richard Donelly as Duncan, Steve Kidd as the ever vengeful Macduff, just to name a few. The Gamm theatre not only had me on the edge of my seat, as i was looking around a few other audiance members were as well. As noted on Gamm's website, the press; including the Providence Journal and WPRO, both had nothing but good things to say about the tragedy of Macbeth performed at the Gamm Theatre. The Providence Journal noted that, "When it comes to Shakespeare, the Gamm gets it. If you don’t believe it, check out the theater’s searing “Macbeth"". (Providence Journal) I agree comepletely with what the Providence Journal stated above, the play i watched was full of tension and power that you would almost think that what they were acting out on the stage was actually happening in front of you for real. WPRO stated that, "The Gamm staging of the classic tragedy is chock full of tension, anxiety and hysteria. It’s a full throttle, two hour ride that takes the audience to the brink of Macbeth’s insanity." (WPRO) Nothing short of the truth, and yet not enough to fully describe the experiance the Gamm Theatre produces.
The playwrighter, William Shakespeare, born in 1564, had 15 out of the 37 plays he wrote published by 1597, many of which were comedies and had witty romances. It wasnt until after 1600, when he started writing tragedies, includin...

... middle of paper ...

...ep his character involved and suspicious of Macbeth. These few underdogs of characters stood out to me as a few of the stronger ones, the way they moved on stage and how they were able to stay determined to fallow Macbeth and unwind his ambitions. Overall i feel that the Gamm Theatre did an excelent job putting shakespears words into action.
I think the attempt of going to see this play was worth while. I have seen a few plays before, but none have reached the intensity level or skill level that the Gamm has put on this year. Each article that i have read about this play has fallen short of the actual performance that ive seen. Not even the best writer, in my opinion, can elaborate enough on the talent that is located in Rhode Island. This production was not only on point with their roles and how they should portrey each character, but they acted them out flawlessly.

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