Reflection And Thoughts On Leadership Essay

Reflection And Thoughts On Leadership Essay

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Robin provided me with a wealth of helpful information that taught me a lot about her experiences and thoughts on leadership. There were two big themes that I noticed came up a lot during our interview. The first topic that often came up in her responses was the importance of feedback a leader should be giving to their team. She stated how positive genuine feedback can me a great motivational technique for your employees, along with the occasional opportunities for celebration when appropriate and standing up for her employees in situations where needed. Robin also talked about asking her peers and teammates for honest feedback so that she herself knows what things she needs to improve on, as leadership is a constant experience that teaches lessons daily. We learned about the importance of feedback in our “Beyond Luck” book as well, including how it should be given one-on-one and your tone you use to carry out the conversation can make a huge difference to the effectiveness. I told Robin about how I had read about this, and she said she strongly agreed with the tactics the book stated and she follows them almost to a T when giving feedback at Ag Spectrum. The other common theme that came up was about technology and its positive and negative effects it has had on her company, and can have on any leader. Robin stressed the importance of modern technology because it has created better fertilizer products for their company to sell and help them grow. Technology has also given them better means of communication with customers and their dealers who are working out in the field. They have been able to harness the advancements in IT to increase efficiency and accuracy of their company, as well as making them able to get more done with few...

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...e spoke about, and I want to end my paper with them, are her last pieces of advice for me as well as other future, current or past leaders.
1. Stay true to your values and beliefs
2. Take your time- learn how things work in a setting before you go in and try to propose huge changes
3. Work hard, and work while you are at work, and separate personal life from it all
4. Be a lifelong learner, and don’t be afraid to adjust your ways to an extent
5. Find a good leader to model your behavior after
6. Go after what you want in a career, leadership position, and life. Don’t just sit back waiting for good things to happen- make them happen!

I greatly appreciated the learning opportunity this assignment as well as Robin herself gave me. I have learned things that will stay with me forever and can help in so many aspects of my life, especially as I prepare to graduate soon.

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