Reflection and Action Plan of My Results from the Holmes and Rahe Self-Assessments of Stress

Reflection and Action Plan of My Results from the Holmes and Rahe Self-Assessments of Stress

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In discussing stress and anxiety in one’s life, the Holmes and Rahe Self-Assessments have the ability to put things into perspective for some people. My score, at 269, wasn’t much of a shock; however, seeing the words “you have a moderate to high chance of becoming ill in the near future” shocks the system. Couple those results with the nutritional value of foods I ingest, the diseases that befall us as a species, and the possibility of hereditary illnesses running through my own family, it should be taken as a wakeup call to make certain changes in my life for a better, healthier future. At the present moment, the tension surrounding me is no good, and would need to change for that future to occur. Where I stand (not financially secure, in a house I do not wish to be, my general health a concern), things definitely need to begin to move in a different direction, the left as opposed to the right in the fork in life’s road. Ideally, where I’d like to be once at the end of that forked road would be a place of dreams fulfilled and roadblocks overcome; a home of the mind filled with the accomplished dreams I have had for so long. But those are life-long goals, things I want to accomplish in the long run. How do I reach this house of the mind? What would happen if I did nothing at all?
With regard to remaining still in life-not moving and sitting still, allowing things to affect me and not affect them at all-that would be less than perfect. In order for any real changes to occur, one would need to move forward with some sort of plan; actions that they feel will me a force for the positive. If I were to do nothing to achieve the long term goals, then everyday anxieties, as well as those strains that I place upon myself, would...

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...o be a little more certain than not with some effort put in by an individual with the intent to make positive improvements in their lives. So long as I use my own motivation to see my long term goals realized, and the inspiration I take from my son and his mother, using them to push me forward, taking my daily rituals and changing them to reflect my new daily routines, I should be able to actualize the action plan that I am setting up for myself. The likelihood of implementing this plan is pretty good and that builds my confidence of its initial success. That success depends entirely on me, but the results have the possibility of being outstanding, resultant in even more inspiration from within me to set new goals and see them realized as well. It is a never-ending cycle that can only be beneficial, so long as I actually set myself to accomplishing these things.

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