Reflecting The Soul Of Writing Essay

Reflecting The Soul Of Writing Essay

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Reflecting the Soul
Writing has always been considered a manifestation of thoughts; people have been known to write for many reasons, either to communicate ideas, express emotions, or just communicate in general. It is hard, in this day and age, to view a world where there is no communication, seeing as speaking and expressing ideas has become easier than ever, anyone can write, blogs, texts, scripts, poems, books, everything we know has become writing, and everyone has a voice. words give us power and can say something without saying anything at all, by reading we are granted as pass into the writers imagination, their values and styles coming through loud and clear inside and in between the words, waiting for someone to listen, writing is meant to be read and words are meant to be heard. Writing is now a tool, giving us access both to our own inner workings and the inner workings of the writers themselves, opening us up to outlooks and experiences that we had not considered before. Emotions often transcend words and it takes a very talented author to be able to express deep emotion using words without making them sound superficial. Each writer places a small piece of themselves into every part of their writing, be it characters or the situations they face, and so the process of writing is deeply reliant on the authors themselves and their understanding of humanity.
Oskar 's writing is erratic and glib, providing a sense of closeness and understanding between him and the reader. In his writing, Oskar invites the reader into his world, providing all his views and passions as he would to himself. This form of writing is eccentric, just as he, himself is, paragraphs form with no reason or designated size, varying between being full ...

... middle of paper ...

...ed with, this is what makes most writers shy away from this form of writing, especially when the character is fictional and not based on an actual person the author may have contact with.
Ambivalence is the only word to describe the feeling of having many emotions at once, and even that word doesn’t fully define the plethora emotions we humans can feel at any given moment; there is no literary way to explain the most import part of human psychology seeing as emotions often seem outside of our realm of description; Foer uses many inside narratives in order to give us insight into the minds and hearts of those who experience grief in many different ways that mimic their personalities, depicting the many forms of writing done by many forms of different people, forcing us to understand that meaning could be found in anything, or nothing, when given the right perspective.

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