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The early historians were making an honest attempt to leave a true record of events for the ones who would come in the future. Although bias occurred, for the most part, true and faithful recording of events was the goal of the writer. In fact, the greatest truthful account of history ever written is found in the original Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Testament, and yet, both have been rejected as historical, even when new revelations and archaeological discoveries prove that it is true.

As we take a closer look at how historical writings are presented to us from the ancient writers, we observe that honesty and integrity were very important to the majority of writers. The Scriptures of the Hebrews are based on historical narratives and events, and they were admonished by God to remember and preserve the teachings. Ever since Moses collected and wrote the scriptures of the Hebrews, these books have been the guiding force in the lives of many for thousands of years, and never questioned until about the time of Voltaire (A.D. 1694-1778), whose philosophy entailed the retention of God as the "Creator" only, and nothing more. This view, which is based on man using reason and later became relativistic, has filtered down to society today with the result that we have a society which embraces a worldview which does not find its foundation in God, but in man.

Mankind has always sought for ways to free himself from the authority of God. The advent of enlightened thinking brought with it philosophers encouraged removal of all divine acknowledgement from history. They encouraged society to focus on what can be proven with cold hard facts allowing for no partiality of any kind. Personal prejudice and objectivity were f...

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...d societies. We have based so much of our current laws on Judaic and Roman law. If we change it now, what will happen later on? The ones who want to rewrite things are the ones with the most to hide, and who would benefit with a prettier picture of events. We must know the truth and fearlessly present it to the world, even if it is unpopular. Sometimes the truth is ugly and undesirable, but that should galvanize us to take action that will prevent such evil happening again. Re-writing and revising history without a Godly perspective and an honest approach leaves us like a ship without an anchor. Right now some are seeing the danger of dishonest historical accounts, because who profits from this? Perhaps a day will dawn when man will see the error of post modern thinking and realize that it serves only the liar.

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“Wag the Dog” (IMDB, 1997)

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