The Reference Of Care And Protection Essay

The Reference Of Care And Protection Essay

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School negligence, what does that mean? The failure to exercise that degree of care that, in the circumstances, the law requires for the protection of other persons or those interests of other persons that may be injuriously affected by the want of such care. The reference of care and protection is that within a school. Next is deciding who I am interviewing, my administrator at Stuckey Elementary School, a musician and hotel employee who both have children in the Clark County School District and a colleague of mine at Stuckey Elementary School.
The principal at Stuckey Elementary School referred to tort laws when defining school negligence. He stated that school negligence is when a teacher is not supervising the students or does not abide by what the students needs are. The principal proceeded to mention a few examples of how teachers were negligent of their job. One example is students being supervised on the playground before, during and after school. If a teacher is not on duty supervising the students and one gets injured, bullied, kidnapped, or leaves campus, then the school is held responsible for the action(s) of the student(s). A different example of an incident that had occurred with a teacher, was about a brand of peanut butter that the teacher used as a snack inside the classroom. The peanut butter was recalled and the teacher did not have knowledge of the recall and was still giving the peanut butter to the students. Once the teacher was aware of the recall she notified the principal immediately. Last example given was due to a rumor by an upset parent who had his child in the school musical and did not like that his son was sharing a wig with other students. The parent spread a rumor that his son had lice and that...

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...e right choices while using common sense.
In conclusion, when interviewing each individual I can see why it is important to get each perspective because the view of negligence is different. When discussing the school negligence the responses were geared towards the teachers being negligent. My administrator did state what his steps would be depending on the situation, but the paraprofessionals and the teacher only stated their responses as how it would relate to them. The procedures were similar by notifying

the next in charge and the action steps depend on the negligence that occurred. The results are eye opening that school negligence and procedures are open to interpretation, but it also led to the understanding of why the courts are in place. School negligence can be prevented by asking the right questions when in doubt, as well as having common sense by all.

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