The Reduction Of Democratic Capitalism For Its Preservation Essay

The Reduction Of Democratic Capitalism For Its Preservation Essay

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Workers and War: The Reduction of Democratic Capitalism for Its Preservation
Economic fluctuation served as a driving force during the twentieth century. In 1942, the New York Times published an article, “Battle of Inflation,” which explained some of Roosevelt’s economic strategies during the Second World War. The United States economy flourished in industries influenced by the war. Workers in these industries expected a raise from their increased production but did not receive one. Instead, they received a reduction in the money that they brought home for their needs and wants. Understanding the situation at hand calls for analyzing the relationship of the events that came before it.
While one could find loose causes to this going back to before World War I, the first major event that influenced this was the Great Depression. The world faced economic turmoil. Lucaks writes that many countries tried radical changes in government in order to fix the problem. Many countries continued to face serious economic hindrances. Some were worse off than they were before the radical change in government. In addition to the economic problems that the world was facing, these radical leaders imposed laws that affected people’s personal lives. While some did recover through radical change, these nations were not all better off. The prime example of this is Germany, who put the nation’s fate in the hands of Adolf Hitler.
In the United States, things were different. Instead of a mad panic in government, policies remained consistent, and the people had confidence in the government. There was a sense of unity in the universal poverty that people of that generation will say that they did not even recognize as poverty. It was the w...

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...face, but upon further review one realizes the magnitude of the events that caused this. One can also argue that this one blip on the map represents a multitude of blips that account for a greater significance.
If America had not received the funding through additional taxes, we may have lost the war and could have suffered major blows from Japan. At the very least, the war could have gone on for many more years and more lives would have been lost. The intention of even taxation of workers, upper and lower class, with or without high demand, was crucial to the concluding results of the war. Capitalism in democracy had to be reduced so that it might survive and flourish in the future. As is the case with the Great Depression, unity took its place. Economics facilitates certain sentiments within cultures and societies, which dictate the reactions of nations.

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