Reduction Of Cell Turgor Pressure Essay

Reduction Of Cell Turgor Pressure Essay

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stress, thereby inhibiting leaf expansion after the loss of cell turgor pressure (Iqbal and Ashraf, 2005). Principally, reduction of cell turgor pressure leads to stomatal closure and limits CO2 assimilation and reduced photosynthetic rate resulting lessening of chlorophyll content, which ultimately responsible for lowering of plant biomass because of low production of photosynthetic assimilates (Netondo et al., 2003). However, some researchers discovered that the roots are less affected by salinity and increase of root-shoot ratio will enhance absorption of water and nutrient, and strengthen the capacity of the plant in saline resistance and in poor soils, which was helpful for the plant to adapt to harsh environments (Gregory, 2005). In contrast, some researchers opined that higher root/shoot ratios might actually enhance the accumulation of toxic ions into the shoot. Smaller root: shoot ratios in saline affected plants may be functionally associated with the need of salt-stressed plants to restrict the uptake of toxic ions to the shoot while still maintaining high turgor and a positive growth rate (Munns, 2002). The response to salinity is vary from plant to plant such as some plant are very sensitive during their vegetative and reproductive stage but less sensitive to flowering and least sensitive during grain filling stage while some plant responses the inverse phenomena against the salinity. Membrane disorganization through reactive oxygen species (ROS), ion toxicity, reduction of photosynthesis and inhibition of ion uptake are the primitive factor that initiates catastrophic event for the plant under salinity (Yeo, 1998).
Salinity is responsible for the significant reduction of the plant growth parame...

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...rselvam, 2012) which might be responsible for lessening of protein content. Synthesis of amino acids of plants exposed to salinity stress observed in many studies (Sanchez et al., 2008; Lugan et al., 2010). However, amalgamation of amino acids plays multifarious role in stress condition such as acting as osmolytes, regulation of ion transport, ion homeostasis and modulating stomata opening (Cuin and Shabala, 2007). Amongst different amino acid, proline is the most important one, which increased with elevated salinity levels. Indeed, the precise role of proline under saline condition still debated. Some scientists reported that proline played a pivotal role in osmotic adjustment while others pointed out that the plant cannot withstand under saline condition accumulate proline (Azooz et al., 2004). Nevertheless, to elucidate the tolerance mechanisms and developing salt-

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