Reducing the Use of Our Natural Resources Through Recycling Essay

Reducing the Use of Our Natural Resources Through Recycling Essay

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Recycling is a way to reduce the use of our natural resources and reuse what we can and what we have. Pollution is human activity that can cause change to our environment that may be harmful.
Some people think that recycling is an effective way to reduce pollution and others may disagree with this statement. Richard A. Denison a senior scientist at environmental defense and John F. Ruston an economist with environmental defense both think that recycling is an effective way to reduce pollution. Allen Hershkowitz a leading expert on recycling and a senior scientist at the natural resources defense council, also believes that recycling is an effective way to reduce pollution. Brenda Platt the director of materials recovery at ILSR and Neil Seldman president of the institute for local self-reliance (ILSR), both agree with Denison, Ruston and Hershkowitz. They think that “recycling not only reduces pollution but also improves public health.”
Christopher Douglas a worker at the center for the study of American business, Alexander Volokh and environmental researcher at the reason public policy institute (RPPI), and Lynn Scarlett the executive director of (RPPI) all feel that recycling might not be such an effective way to reduce pollution. Douglass questions the environmental impact of recycling while Volokh and Scarlett believe recycling is not always the best option. Peter Werbe a writer who writes articles on various cultural and political issues from a liberal point of view for his website stands somewhere in the middle. From my viewpoint in relation to these authors I feel that recycling is an effective way to reduce pollution.
One area of recycling and pollution that is a debate is the economic impact of recycling and pollution...

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...cling is an effective way to reduce pollution. Where as Volokh does not take an actual stand. Werbe states how “fifteen billion pounds of plastic was produced from what the industry calls virgin feed stock but only one billion pounds of that was recycled.” (205)Volokh mentions in his article how “using one ton of recycled aluminum avoids the use of four tons of bauxite and seven hundred kilograms of petroleum coke and pitch and avoids the emission of thirty six kilograms of aluminum fluoride.” (196)
In my opinion recycling is an effective way to reduce pollution. Not only does it help the environment but it also helps our economy financially too. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste and pollution and it also contributes to your wellness. Like Brenda Platt and Neil Seldman said “not only does recycling reduce pollution but it also improves public health.”

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