Essay on Reducing The Drinking Age For Eighteen

Essay on Reducing The Drinking Age For Eighteen

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Ethan Goodson
Mrs. Riccobaldi
English 12 CP
6 May 2016
Bottoms Up
Reducing the drinking age to eighteen would be a very wise choice in terms of enhancing public health and stopping teenage binge drinking. It’s finally the day one is considered an adult. It’s one’s eighteenth birthday, and now driving cars, getting married, voting, paying taxes, taking out loans and risking your life as a member of the U.S. armed forces are all options now; yet one can’t celebrate any of those activities with an alcoholic drink. Therefore the drinking age should be reduced to the age of eighteen. This would benefit the US so those young adults can be guided and shown how to drink responsibly, and so there can be a stop to reckless drinking habits by minors. If a person can serve and vote for their country, and are considered an adult; that person should be able to consume alcohol as well.
Although this may sound like a new topic of discussion, the drinking age has been discussed for quite some time now. Until Prohibition was enacted in 1919, there was no drinking age (Dailey). When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, most of the states created a drinking age of twenty one (Dailey). The next time the drinking age was brought up was in 1970, when the voting age was lowered to eighteen (Dailey). By 1974, twenty nine states had lowered their drinking age to eighteen, but differences from state to state led to border-crossing and an increase in drunk driving (Dailey). Because of the issues it caused having different drinking ages in each state, the government made the official standard age twenty one. This is why the drinking age should be reduced, because if one is considered an adult, that person should be able to do adult things like consuming an alc...

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...ised. As long as these young adults are shown how to responsibly use alcohol the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen.
In conclusion to this topic, reducing the drinking age to eighteen would be very beneficial to the United States of America. If minors are shown how to drink responsibly and are supervised and guided properly, then the drinking age should be reduced to the age of eighteen. As long as the new drinkers are shown how to use alcohol properly and in a good moderation they should be allowed access to consume it. Along with being taught how to handle alcohol properly, if one turns 18 and can serve his/her country that person should be able to drink an alcoholic beverage. If a person can serve and vote for their country, and are considered an adult, and is shown the proper ways of using alcohol, that person should be able to consume alcohol as well.

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