Essay on Reducing The Amount Of Stress High School Students

Essay on Reducing The Amount Of Stress High School Students

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In high school, students will experience a wide range of emotions, feelings, and emotional, physical and mental strains. The major strain that almost every student will face is stress. As Pope (2010) says, “More than 70 percent of the high school students reported that they felt often or always stressed by their schoolwork, and many admitted to taking illegal stimulants to stay awake to study and complete the lengthy homework assignments each night (p.5).” Whether the students are stressing over a test, their grade point average, their college acceptance, or even their upcoming sporting event, high school students experience stress on a daily basis. These high levels of stress at such a young age are a chronic health risk. Schools should try to reduce the amount of stress high school students experience.
In high school, there are many different types of stress placed upon students. The most common type of stress that high school students experience is academic stress. Many experts also identify academics as the prominent source of students’ stress in high school. As Parent Institute , Ramirez, Aratani, Boyce, and deAnda write “In fact, surveys have found that most students identify academic pressure as the main reason for their stress (qtd. In Blazer, 2010, par.3 ).” She also writes “Almost four in five respondents (79 percent) said that pressure to get good grades created a problem for them (par.3).” When students are constantly being pressured by those around them to receive good grades, the students then become stressed about their grades. Therefore, students believe that they are under too much pressure to get the ‘A’ on their grade card and they will do anything to receive it.
Academic stress is placed upon the students...

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... for a test then forgetting. Many schools have changed their daily schedules and revised their homework, and their testing policies (Blazer 2010, p.9). Students will benefit from the schools actively making the effort to reduce the stress the students feel. The students need to feel comfortable at school and, with these changes, they finally will.
High school students feel a great deal of stress from just about every aspect of high school. From their next Advanced English research paper to their next big basketball game, students are always stressing. This stress is derived from their teachers, the school’s other faculty, their parents, their peers, and even themselves. This school-related stress is harmful to the students’ health. With schools actively making changes to enhance the students’ learning experience, school will be a stress free zone for the students.

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