Reducing The Abuse Of The Internet At Work Essay

Reducing The Abuse Of The Internet At Work Essay

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My recommendation to the CEO for reducing the abuse of the internet at work is to implement monitoring of all internet activity. It could be helpful for the CEO to put restriction on certain websites that she does not feel comfortable allowing access to at work. The only thing you need to do at work is the work that you are being paid for. It can be considered illegal if the CEO states that employees cannot utilize social media sites during their personal time.
The CEO can state that the employees can only use their personal devices to do personal business. If this is not possible, maybe someone does not have enough data, the CEO can possibly have computers in a break area that are used for social media, or shopping , whatever the employees may need.
Consequences of not Utilizing Policies
If the policies are not used that I have suggested the company is liable to be paying employees for time spent doing personal things that do not pertain to the company. Abusing the internet at work by using social media sites can distract employees from what they are supposed to be doing. Monitoring the computer use creates a little more work for employers, but you can ensure that the company’s resources are being used for what they are intended to be used for.
If the board of directors are abusing the internet it can be a bad example to employees, who in turn may feel like if the higher ups are doing this, so can I. This will not work well for the company. Ethical concerns may arise; such as discrimination, or other things. The board of director’s policy states that they should not destroy, erase, or alter company files. This can be perceived as cover up and put the company in a bad situation. There may be certain instances...

... middle of paper ...

...he CEO has the responsibility of protecting the company as well as the employees.
Several crimes can be committed with violating this company. This can be perceived as covering up something that was done within the company to avoid legal proceedings. In this case, the CEO, as documented should know when something needs to be altered or deleted within the system. This policy does not inhibit the privacy of boards of directors. It is to ensure that all things are copacetic.
Finally, the boards of directors should not feel offended about this if they have the company’s best interest first. This policy makes sure that everything is documented, and in order so that there are no questions about whether or not things are being hidden or destroyed purposefully. The abuse issue can be remedied by constant monitoring, and follow up meetings to safeguard company information.

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