Reducing Risk For Senior Citizens Essay

Reducing Risk For Senior Citizens Essay

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I chose to evaluate the EFO paper which talks about “Reducing Risk for Senior Citizens” and evaluate its positive, negative, and overall aspects of the paper. I will break my observations down into three categories; first will be the shortfalls that I find in the paper. Second I will comment on the good aspects of the paper what stands out to be positive. In third all give a summary of my opinion of the paper.
Right off the bat, in the abstract, the author states “the problem is that Kernersville has a growing population of senior citizens who may be unaware of basic approaches for fire prevention making them more susceptible to fire death or injury” (Summerville, n.d., p. 3). I find that he shows uncertainty in the way he has written the phrase “who may be unaware of basic approaches” does not necessarily indicate a problem with the growing elderly population. Another aspect of this community risk reduction plan I felt was a little out of place was how much information was spent on the general national population of elderly folks and what the current census states for our natio...

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