Reducing Rates Of Child Abuse And Neglect Essay examples

Reducing Rates Of Child Abuse And Neglect Essay examples

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The original goal of CAPTA was simply to reduce rates of Child Abuse and Neglect and raise awareness to the issue. Over the 40 years that CAPTA has been in place, the act has been amended and updated, each time with more specific goals, to better reach the population it serves. Because the definition of child abuse and neglect has changed over the years and expanded, it is easy to misinterpret the rise in the rate of abuse and neglect over the last ten years. In fact, this rise simply means that there are more children being treated for abuse and neglect, who were previously going under the radar. From 2010 to 2014, the rate of child maltreatment raised one percent, from 698,000 to 702,000. This can be interpreted to mean that one percent more children’s maltreatment is being investigated and treated (The child abuse and prevention treatment act, 2003). This increase clearly shows that the goals of CAPTA are being met. More children are being treated and protected from child abuse and neglect, and more caregivers are being held responsible for their actions. Overall, CAPTA reaches it’s original goals and beyond, while continually creating amendments to grow the population served through this act.
The child abuse prevention and treatment act has changed the way society handles child abuse and prevention over the years. CAPTA focuses on the issue of child abuse and neglect within the U.S. CAPTA was one of the first major federal policies put into effect to address the issue of child abuse and neglect in the U.S. Prior to the development of this act, information is very limited on how child abuse really affected the children in the U.S. Within the first year of CAPTA 60,000 reports of child abuse and neglect were made and within a ...

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...parents is decreasing yearly from 2002 the number of foster parents went from 523,000 to 423,000 in 2009 (A, 2014). Within seven years there was a decrease of 100,000 foster parents. These drops are results of low monetary reimbursements for the children’s living, emotion stress from children coming and going, and increased living regulation of their homes to make sure the homes are safe for the children. Being a foster parent is a large job and most people take on the risk without fully understanding the situation. Lastly, the lack of homes for the children being placed cause the children to have longer times before they can be reunified with their families. Once a child is placed into a foster home they begin the process of trying to reunify and they cannot do this if the child has no place to go. These are only a few of the social risks that CAPTA may generate.

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