Reducing Poverty : Poverty And Poverty Essay

Reducing Poverty : Poverty And Poverty Essay

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Steps to Reducing Poverty
Many people do not realize that there are tens of millions of people in America who are living in poverty because they are stuck on the fact that America is one of the richest nations. People who are living in poverty barely have enough money to survive on basic necessities like food, shelter and electricity. They often have a hectic schedule filled with work, school, or other activities that they have to do in order for them to live a somewhat stable life. Unfortunately, there are others who are living in poverty that may be ill or disabled and barely able to survive even if they are receiving money to help with their situation. There are a few programs that help those in poverty with their financial problems, but they only help them to a certain extent. Changes need to be done to help alleviate the poverty rate because these people should not have to deal with all of these hardships or have such a negative perspective of life. Therefore, America can reduce its poverty by raising the minimum wage, making health care more accessible, and by making child care more affordable. These solutions will be a great start to reducing poverty and they will lead America into a brighter future.
Those in poverty are struggling to make enough money to pay the bills because they are not paid enough, but raising the minimum will make this process become less stressful for people. Not being financially often leads people to have to only be able to think short-term because they do not have enough time to think about the long-term happenings in their lives. In Linda Tirado’s article “This is Why Poor People’s Decisions Make perfect Sense” she can relate to how it feels to have a short-term mindset because she mentions, “I ...

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Poverty will continue to be a problem in America if no one wants to stand up and address all of the issues that the poor in this country has to face. The poor need hope so that they continue to go further instead of just of having a short-term mind and not looking forward to the future. Many people are born into poverty and they may never get to know what it is like to live a life without struggle. It is going to be a long process to end poverty in this country, but any steps that they take now will help with future generations.

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