Reducing Motor Vehicle Crash Related Deaths Essay

Reducing Motor Vehicle Crash Related Deaths Essay

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a. The Healthy People 2020 objective which is associated with distracted driving among teens is IVP-13.1 and states, “Reduce motor vehicle crash-related deaths per 100,000 population” (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP], 2016a). While motor vehicle crash-related deaths include other causes in addition to distracted driving, if there is a reduction in the number of distracted driving deaths, the total number of vehicle crash-related deaths will also likely decrease. The goal is a ten percent reduction in the current number of motor vehicle crash-related deaths by the year 2020 which would bring the total number of deaths to 12.4 (ODPHP, 2016a). In 2013, the number of deaths had been reduced to 10.5, surpassing the goal of a ten percent reduction (ODPHP, 2016b).
b. The year 2007 was used as the baseline for Healthy People 2020 when they recorded 13.8 motor vehicle traffic-related deaths per 100,000 population (ODPHP, 2016a). In 2013 the number of motor vehicle traffic-related deaths per 100,000 was 10.5 showing a decreasing trend (ODPHP, 2016b). This is in comparison to the Healthy People 2010 data where the baseline year for the same objective was 1999 and the number of deaths from motor vehicle crashes per 100,000 was 14.7 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2011). The target for 2010 was to have reduced the number of motor vehicle crashes to 8.0 per 100,000 population (CDC, 2011). However, as seen in the data from Healthy People 2020, this goal was not met, and instead the number was only reduced to 10.7 per 100,000 population (ODPHP, 2016b).
c. Public awareness campaigns are just one of the ways the NHTSA’s message has reached millions of Americans. These campaigns raise awareness throug...

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...use, it is seen how a few states have more comprehensive laws regarding distracted driving. For example, Connecticut bans any activities while driving that do not directly correspond with the operation of the vehicle and that may cause an individual to not be able to operate their vehicle safely. In Washington, D.C. there is a similar law which makes distracted driving illegal and is defined as inattentive driving. In New Hampshire, there is a similar law except instead of “inattentive” they outlawed negligent driving, or any driving which may endanger another individual. Oklahoma police officers have the right to pull over anyone they think is not giving driving their full attention and could pose a risk. Lastly, the most specific of these laws is in Louisiana where drivers are not allowed to actively take part in any social media related electronic use (AAA, 2016).

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