Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions : The Green Hills Of California Essay examples

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions : The Green Hills Of California Essay examples

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You are driving down the highway, looking out upon the golden hills of California. Off in the distance windmills decorate the hills like metal flowers. Spinning slowly these giants wave to you as you drive by. Whenever I pass the windfarms, I am always taken back by the beauty of a single windmill, spinning in the California breeze. It was this fascination with their beauty that sparked my interest in windmills and renewable energy. I wanted to know; how a windmill works, where power generated goes, and what is stopping us from building more.
As I got older, I began to care more about the planet. I wanted to improve the condition of the ozone by doing my part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I started by consciously recycling everything I could, and partaking in beach cleanups. I wanted to do my part to save the planet. Going into senior year, I began to question what was next for me when it came to being ecofriendly.
When senior project was assigned, my mind drifted back to those windmills I saw while on road trips. I decided I was going to build a windmill. I wanted to see if a windmill is a reasonable source of power for an individual. To decide this I needed a greater understanding of windmills as a whole. I researched standard windmills, a new type of windmill on the ocean, and the DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. It is from these three different styles of windmills, that I will decide if wind power is reasonable source of energy for an individual to harness. Along with this question, I was pondering if wind power is a reliable enough source of energy to power the entire nation. If wind power proves to be possible to power the entire nation, it would be a reasonable source of green energy to prod...

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...isions with boats. The nacelles (“shell that encases the gearbox” (Offshore Windmill Energy)) is pressurized to keep sea water out. The gear box is completely self-lubricating and temperature controlled. To keep the cost of maintenance down a service crane is built into the windfarm. In some off shore locations, lighting strike protection also is integrated into the windmill.
Although the cost of these windmills is greater to construct then onshore windmills, the amount of energy produced by them is worth it. The coast is perfect for construction because it is also the location of some of the highest population densities. This high populations create a high load requirement on the US electrical grid. Having local offshore windmills will create a way for the nation to power its cities, and produce greater amounts of energy during high load time periods.

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