Redeye 's 24 Hour Production Of Shrek Essay example

Redeye 's 24 Hour Production Of Shrek Essay example

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Redeye’s 24 Hour production of Shrek: The Musical can be defined as a performance. Although normally deemed as a musical event or sports game, essentially, a performance is an event that can captivate an audience which consists of an action, interaction or relationship. The performances can be planned and practiced or be spontaneously done at one’s aggression. Performances normally involve multiple participants as well as spectators and change the identity of the performer. Redeye’s 24 Hour production of Shrek: The Musical can be properly called a performance because the ensemble, both actors, directors, managers, and stage crew, diligently worked for twenty-four hours timelessly rehearing, building sets, dancing, and collaborated to produce a finished product that would tell a story to the audience and virtually transports them into the world of Duloc and into the swamps where Shrek resides.
Within the performance of Redeye’s 24 Hour production of Shrek, the concept of framing is happening for the audience. Framing is when events are put together in an order that makes sense to the spectator to gain understanding of the different situations around them. In Shrek, framing is shown with the makeup and the costumes that transform the normal actors into fairy tale creatures, props to exaggerate the fairy tale, sets to portray Duloc and the swamps, and both the two acts and the many scenes with acting, dancing, and songs that craft the entire show.
The production in its entirety had many people who contributed to the show and caused the event to occur, however I closely observed Sarah Fling and her portrayal of Fiona. Sarah executed both agency and intentionality in her performance. Agency is being able to act for one’s self with ...

... middle of paper ...

...d varying instances that made it a model for social relations. A model for social relations is when a performance has significance behind it to propose change or to leave a lasting remark by going beyond the obvious and seeing the underlying meaning. Shrek exhibits this quality in several ways by producing a play in twenty-four hours and showed that anything is possible with a little hard work, determination, and charisma. Also, the show itself, is a model for social acceptance and being true to yourself. Each of the characters in Shrek embody their differences and live in a happy, accepting world where no one is judged and where they fight for what they believe in. These morals are applicable to today’s society where people feel like outcasts but if they learn the underlying lessons from Shrek, they can love their whole selves and let their “freak flag fly”.

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