Essay about Redemption Is The Act Of Being Saved By From Sin, Error, Or Evil

Essay about Redemption Is The Act Of Being Saved By From Sin, Error, Or Evil

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Mitchell Slatton
Professor Canapa
English 103
4 December 2014
To be Redemption in Death or Not to Be
Redemption is the act of being saved by from sin, error, or evil. Redemption is a major theme in all writings, short-stories, novels, poems, plays, etc. Many people in their lives look to achieve redemption by the time they kick the bucket, however sometimes redemption is achieved with death. In Christianity I am reminded of the significance of the death of Christ on the cross to relate to the theme of redemption in death. In this paper I hope to accomplish a contrast of the novel A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines and the play of Hamlet by William Shakespeare, by using the theme of redemption in death, and also ultimately explaining the differences of Jefferson’s (The main character in A Lesson Before Dying) and Hamlet’s (The main character in of Hamlet) death.
A Lesson Before Dying, takes place in Bayonne, Louisiana, in the pre-Civil Rights South. A character named Jefferson, an African American male, is wrongly accused when he is in the wrong place at the time during a shoot-out between two African American men and a storeowner. During the shoot-out the storeowner and both men were shot and killed, Jefferson in shock stays at the scene of the crime until authorities arrived and arrested and tried Jefferson for murder. Jefferson being found guilty and compared to a hog fills him with hate and anger. Jefferson has an aunt that reaches out to a creditable teacher at a local school named Grant; she gets Grant to help Jefferson find a purpose. Grant helps Jefferson find a sense of dignity, although it took some time he was successful. Grant later focuses his time and energy on the importance of Jefferson’s death and tries t...

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...d the officer assures Grant that “Jefferson was the bravest man in the room that morning.” Hamlet’s death came from anger and madness from the obsession of revenge. When Hamlet stuck his sword through Claudius’s stomach he could have asked for forgiveness of anything, but instead demands Claudius to drink the poison. I feel that asking for forgiveness would have at least gave Hamlet redemption from his sins, but instead redemption in Hamlet’s death takes a backseat to revenge. Jefferson and Hamlet could have both gone in different directions when hit with faith, however Jefferson choose to accept his faith and Hamlet choose to fight it. Jefferson’s death was a sign of strength to all people alike and his death had a purpose. Hamlet’s death was a sign of weakness because it shows us that Hamlet died for revenge instead of serving a greater purpose as Jefferson did.

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