Essay on The Red Tide

Essay on The Red Tide

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The Red Tide

The Red is a algae bloom that releases toxins into the ocean and releases horrid smells that can leave you with respiratory problems like hacking horribly, minor cough , or asthma in worse cases. The algae bloom releases toxins when its in a high concentrated state into the ocean that the shellfish take in but they don’t die. Instead they concentrate all of it into their body’s in a small space and if a human eats the shellfish the human has a huge chance of dying because of the toxin. The algae bloom also affects fish because the fish cant absorb the toxins and survive like the shellfish and ,because of the toxins theres a ginormous amount of fish that are killed by the toxins and there lifless bodys will be floating all the way to the beach and if a bird trys to eat it they can also die from the poisining .
The Red Tides occur can occur from human actions from agricultural runoff. Agricultural runoff can help the Red Tides can form because they are full of nitrates that will grow phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are single celled organisms that are plant-like organisms that can form dense, visible patches near the water's surface. And when they are in a high concentration area they can produce toxins that can paralyze . They can also change colors from either brown to green to red. Another way that the Red Tides can occur from humans is global warming (which humans have increased drastically since 1970). Global warming has increased sea level temperature which in turn will increase the number of phytoplankton and in turn can increase the Red Tide.
The Red Tide can not only occur from human actions but can also occur from natural phenomenons. For example the desert winds carry iron rich sand in bodies of water wh...

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...ence of the Red Tide is in January 2013 a red tide bloom happened at Sarasota beach fortunately no one was killed except for fish and some people had respiratory problems.
To conclude, the Red Tide is formed by the concentration of phytoplankton in a area. The bloom can kill you or cause you respiratory problems if you eat the affect fish or stay in the area for a long time. The Red Tide can both occur naturally and man made. It can form man made from global warming ( Which is caused by air pollution) . Agricultural pollution ( which is when fertilized soil goes into the water), and naturally from the desert and El Nino events and desert sands. In order to lessen the frequency or try to stop it people have to pollute less to lessen the frequency of it and also to report any signs of the Red Tide because if you do the authority's will come and secure the area.

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