Essay on The Red Markings

Essay on The Red Markings

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I approached the second door on the left in the expansive hallway I found myself walking through. Nervousness and trepidation followed me as I knocked and peered past the door. My glance around the room revealed Dr. Shubhadrika Nepal seated at her desk and focused on her computer screen. She glanced up to see me at her door and instructed me to come in. After her acknowledgement, I drew near to her desk.
Her room, covered with posters of the human body and the different systems in the body, such as the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, to name a few, was expected. What I was surprised by however is what I saw by her desk. Placed next to her desk, I found a glass showcase with a skeleton inside of the showcase. The skeleton was marked in different places in red and the marks seemed to have a meaning to it, although I could not understand the reason for the red markings. I looked back to Dr. Shubhadrika Nepal and noticed her looking at me expectantly.
My first impressions of Dr. Shubhadrika Nepal consisted of the fact that she seemed to be from an area near India by her skin color, clothing style, and my perception of her at the time. Asking her a few introductory questions, I discovered that she was born and raised in Nepal, which was a strange moment for sure; as I imagined myself having the same last name as the country, I had lived in.
After that short and humorous moment passed, I queried a bit more about Dr. Shubhadrika Nepal’s background as a doctor and her education. Tapping her fingers and moving her hand about over her desk, she described her education abroad in China and the events that she experienced in China as a student. She told me of a few humorous anecdotes as well as the type of education that she h...

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... of paper and she told me that it was never ending. No matter how hard she worked on it, more would appear the next day.
I profusely thanked Dr. Shubhadrika Nepal for her help as I gathered up my college ruled notebook and my pens. She smiled and replied that I should come to her again and talk if I ever had any questions. I thanked her again and left the room with new insight in her work and the writing I might expect in this field of work. As I pondered over what I had learned that day, I found that Dr. Shubhadrika Nepal had surprised me with her information and insight for writing, of the reports or papers, which doctors were required to write in the medical field. This information was balanced out, however, by my discovery of the paperwork and detailed work that went into this profession. I left that hallway and walked to the parking lot, heading on my way home.

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