Red Bull 's Market Entry Strategy Essay

Red Bull 's Market Entry Strategy Essay

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Red Bull’s reputation is seen as energetic, exciting and attracts a community of like-minded individuals that embodies these values. By identifying with a particular market segment they can build a community around youth culture and capitalize on younger consumers who feel a strong sense of expressing their unique personality by embracing the Red Bull brand (UK, 2013, para. 10). By creating unique events in which community members can be actively involved with Red Bull, it allows consumers to interact with the brand, on a personal level. Such events allow consumers to experience the brand and relate to the brand with their values.
Red Bull’s market entry strategy is dependent upon their distribution of their product and where they are placed such as: shops, clubs, bars, college campuses and stores focusing initially by creating positive direct experience with the brand. This strategy reflects how Red Bull founded its success by having customers’ use “Word of Mouth”. By creating value with the brand, consumers are more inclined to choose a particular brand over other competitors in that category. Red Bull in its promotional activities associates its name with extreme sports, and pop culture. This creates meaningful dialogue with its consumers and promotes a relationship with the brand. This helps them in creating loyalty among their target groups who are now the most valuable part of their success (UK, 2013, para. 17). According to Norbert Kraihamer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Red Bull, they identified 5 target markets which they deemed key to spreading the awareness for Red Bull: students, drivers, night clubbers, businessmen and athletes. They identified where these 5 key markets most frequently s...

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...r add to the lifestyle that Red Bull offers because normal people would be apart of the Red Bull experience.
Red Bull engages in a variety of marketing programs, including traditional advertising, event marketing, entertainment, and free sampling. The bulk of Red Bull’s marketing activity was directed toward encouraging product trials and from the experience of product trials using word of mouth to continue marketing the brand. According to Kraihamer, “We do not market the product to the consumer, we let the consumer discover the product first and then the brand with all its image components” (Islam, 2011, pg. 32). Red Bull’s non-specific advertising captivated a larger audience than just their target audience. At the same time, sponsoring extreme sports and events proved effective in not only advertising the drink, but also making it a lifestyle choice.

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