Red Bull Management: Marketing, Competitors, Target Audience, Challenges, and Factors

Red Bull Management: Marketing, Competitors, Target Audience, Challenges, and Factors

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1. Introduction
2. Red bull marketing strategy
3. Red bull competitors
4. Red bull audience target
5. Red Bull challenges faced by the management decision strategy
6. Red bull internal and external factors
7. Conclusion

(Devi 2011)


It increases endurance, accelerates the ability of concentration and reaction rate, gives more energy and improves mood. All this can be found in a can of Red Bull energy drink that, thanks in large part to a good marketing campaign, an excellent distribution and good packaging design, managed to reach almost 160 countries worldwide. The brand of red bull, created by an Austrian entrepreneur, has as its target audience and the young athletes, two attractive segments and equally difficult to deal.
Red Bull is an energy drink sold by the Austrian Red Bull. It was created as an adaptation of the Thai energy drink Krating Daeng which translates as Red Bull and introduced in 1987. Based on market share, it is the most popular energy drink in the world.
With excellent business acumen, saw a great success of the drink in Europe, where the product does not exist, and an excellent opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

The mid-80s began the difficult task of getting approval to sell the contents of the drink called Red Bull. It was an unknown product with three times the caffeine as a common gas.

Mateschitz had to wait three years to get licensed in Austria, but this setback led to anxiety among retailers, who just passed the license in 1987, ordered large quantities of cans.

Interestingly, a consumer research indicated that 50% of them disapproved of the flavor, because it was very strange and bitter taste. However, thanks to its vast experience ...

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