Recycling Should Be Manditory Essay

Recycling Should Be Manditory Essay

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Did you know that the largest landfill in the world is in New York City, United States? The Fresh Kills Landfill covered 2,200 acres in the New York City borough of Staten Island. It was temporarily opened, but then it became the largest landfill in the world and the largest man-made structure. Many have proposed the idea of burning the landfill, however, that will not make it better, and in fact it will make it worse. Not only are we infecting the ground water and the soil, rather we are infecting the air we breathe. As responsible global citizens, the residents of this planet, Earth, need to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste not only to save the future generations but also to save the future environment and all of the living creatures inhabit it.
Recycling has many benefits, some examples are: it saves money in production and energy cost, it helps save the environment from extraction and processing materials and it means less trash needs to be disposed. “Recyclable material from garbage will extend the life of the county’s landfill, keeping the county's landfill rates down" (Chris 1). A landfill costs $20 million or more to build and it takes millions to operate. And where does the money come from? It comes from local tax payers. If we reduced the amount of trash that is being thrown, then landfills trash will be reduced and that would save county economic problems. There are a lot of recyclable things we just toss in the trash and then it ends up in a landfill. For instance a plastic straw, plastic cup, bags, and napkins all are recyclable materials that end up in a land fill and it is becoming a threat to wildlife. Even drinking water is jeopardized because of the trash that ends up in the ocean or rivers. The Great Pacific ...

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