Recycling Is A Global Footprint Into The Earth Essay

Recycling Is A Global Footprint Into The Earth Essay

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Recycling is a great way of trying to save and conserve the natural resources that are used from the Earth. Also, it reduces the amount of waste in landfills, as well as, reducing greenhouse gasses. Recycling is one simple way of putting a global footprint into the Earth.
An important part of recycling is conservation. Conservation helps keep unneeded waste out of landfills in the United States (Conserve Energy Future 2). As Americans, an average person throws away 4.8 pounds of waste daily. This adds up to over 1750 pounds in a year alone, for one person. In 2006, Americans generated 251 tons of waste (Riedel 11). Of this waste over 50 percent could be recycled into new materials to be used again. In doing this, recycling will tremendously help with preserving the Earth. As this waste accumulates in the landfills, with this amount of trash, it will take up as much as 30 percent of the beautiful Earth and this percentage is growing rapidly, year by year (Ackerman 3). This is all due to the fact that Americans do not want to put forth the time or effort to place recyclable objects in a recycling bin (Anderson 4). Reidel states that in 2157 the entire planet will be covered with the waste created by the people living on Earth. If the act of recycling is not picked up now this may be the truth. Recycling is an easy and effective way to save the Earth from mass amounts of waste. Many people believe that the waste in these landfills is a large contribution towards global warming. With this being said, in the year 1996, recycling diverted 57 million tons of materials out of landfills and incinerators. This is a 67 percent increase in only six years, from the previous 34 million tons in 1990 (Ackerman 1).
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...recycled materials, in both 1996 and 2005 (Ackerman 8). The other two-thirds were made up of grass clippings, aluminum cans, glass bottles, steel, and other recyclable materials. In recycling these materials, the planet is being saved for the future generations to come.
An easy action that could be done to save the Earth is to keep any object that could be utilized or reused. An idea is to make recycling boxes and see which family member can recycle the most materials. Also try to avoid using plastic wrap and plastic bags. Recycling not only helps prevent the growing number of landfills, but also cuts back on pollution to the Earth (Conserve Energy Future 3). By recycling, less waste is building up in the landfills, as well as, not polluting the Earth. This is leading to less health problems among people and a better environment for the next generations to come.

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