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Recycling Human Waste Essay examples

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It’s convenient to say that taking a poop is a natural process that everyone has to deal with every day, even for animals. Normally, people would flush their poop away down the toilet hoping they wouldn’t have to see and deal with it ever again. Who would want to deal with something that’s dirty and useless anyway? However, little do most people realize is that what their flushing down the toilet can actually be a big value to the environment, even how much it may stink. There are several ways that show recycling human waste can be a useful in a person’s lifestyle and for the future.
One way that human waste can be useful is to help sustain farming. The term “humanure” refers to human waste that is recycled, and which can be later used for gardening or agricultural purposes. Scientists have discovered that human feces are the only true man-made fertilizer. Besides using animal dung, humanure is the next best thing to use. Joseph Jenkins, the author of The Humanure Handbook, explains the process on how recycling human waste can be used as fertilizer. According to Jenkins, the process starts off by using a bucket that’s essentially five gallons deep, instead of a toilet. After doing one’s business, sawdust, a powdery particle of wood produced by sawing, is sprinkled on the feces to prevent odor, add carbon, and absorb liquids. Humanure can then be poured into compost bins, where it decomposes and cures from bacteria after one to two years. After that time, what’s left is nothing but purely organic matter that is similar to dirt, which then can be used. Also, in some areas of Zimbabwe, some locals use a special compost toilet called Fossa Alterna. This toilet is three meters deep that is dug into the ground. When it is filled, they...

... middle of paper ..., it can be really resourceful for the environment. From it being used in farms, art, natural gases, or even food, it can be really depended on to go green since there will always be an unlimited amount. So just think, the next time poop is being flushed down the toilet, it’s good to remember that it can be used to change a person’s life.

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