Essay on Recycling Center Environmental Impact Statement

Essay on Recycling Center Environmental Impact Statement

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Recycling Center Environmental Impact Statement
This paper will present an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of a proposed construction project of a new recycling center in a rural area. The proposed project is to be built in a nonattainment area. The EIS will address land-use and development, social and neighborhood effects, economic factors, air quality, noise, and water resources as it relates to the proposed project. Included in the process will be three alternatives as well as a no build alternative. The Environmental Impact Statement will provide a detailed scoping of the project along with the alternatives that will ensure all potential impacts are addressed prior to project approval.
Land Area
The first thing to address is the fact that the proposed construction site is located within an area that does not meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The environmental protection agency has declared the area a nonattainment area. The EPA defines nonattainment as “any area that does not meet (or that contributes to ambient air quality in a nearby area that does not meet) the national primary or secondary ambient air quality standard for the pollutant.” (Environmental Protection Agency, 2011) Since the proposed area is classified a nonattainment area special considerations must occur in order for project approval.
To satisfy the special considerations of a nonattainment area the project must comply with strict emission limitations. The proposed recycling center must not exceed these limitations or the project will not be approved. The Environmental Protection Agency states:
“The non-attainment area NSR program is designed to ensure that any new industrial growth in a non-at...

... middle of paper ...

...event water contamination and other disturbances to the water supply.
This Environmental Impact Statement and its enclosed project alternatives can be reviewed for project approval as well as any additional scoping that may be necessary. The preferred build alternative should be selected because of the low environmental impact and beneficial economic benefits compared to the other build and no-build alternatives.

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