Recycling At The City Of Grapevine For Providing The Household Hazardous Waste ( Hhw ) And Recycling Event

Recycling At The City Of Grapevine For Providing The Household Hazardous Waste ( Hhw ) And Recycling Event

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Thank you on behalf of the citizens of the City of Grapevine for providing the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Recycling event. This program assists the community with disposing of these materials in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful with helping the citizens unload their vehicles and these events have improved and expanded each year. These events held two times a year and cause very long lines, and the times for the event are too short. The city needs to expand these events to once a month to accommodate the need for disposal of hazardous waste materials and recyclable items to limit illegal dumping by citizens and business.

In order for the city to accomplish the once a month event, the city must reinforce communication to the citizens and businesses which will help reduce illegal dumping and increase participation. The first step can be to increase public awareness is newsletters informing residents of proper disposal from homes, reducing possible injury, thus reducing danger to collectors and workers. These newsletters will help educate citizens and should be about the presence of hazardous materials in our homes and what happens when these are disposed of improperly. The newsletter should identify alternate, less hazardous items for citizens to use in our homes, including buying limited amounts of these materials when needed and informing us how to in store these materials correctly.

Next, what is the possible cost to the city and its residents for adding an event each month? Based on my public information act request and speaking with Dewey Stoffels, the Environmental Control Manager, the total cost per car load of hazardous waste is $47.00 per car for hazardous waste...

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... HHW and recycling collection process. Our great city is The Christmas Capital of Texas, a major convention location for business, home of many wine venues, 5 miles from D/FW airport and a tourist attraction for many visitors from other states and countries. It only makes more sense to have our neighborhoods and businesses as attractive as our historic downtown without these visitors seeing HHW and recycling materials on city streets each month. The majority of our tax dollars are from hotels and business and these dollars could be used to start a funding source to assist with adding events in the future. By attending and viewing council meetings, your voice is one of pride for our city where everyone who visits feel at home. By reading this letter you are taking the first step in not only helping with our environment, but also making our city the best in Texas.

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