Recruitment Of A Business Manager For Mcdonalds Ltd Essay

Recruitment Of A Business Manager For Mcdonalds Ltd Essay

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From the experience working as a business manager for McDonalds Ltd in the United Kingdom I experienced the effectiveness of the online recruitment the one of the major responsibilities of a business manager. The easy, cost effective and time saving nature of the process enabled the posting of the jobs in the real time without any delay so as a business manager I was more flexible and in control of other daily tasks very relevant to the business and workplace. The selective process was based on initial online recruitment, and because I had an opportunity to experience and test the system from the perspective of job seeker, I can clearly state that the applicant goes through rigorous selective process but fair enough to get to a next stage meeting in person. By this example I would like to highlight that the online recruitment eliminates the unnecessary initial involvement of human resource management while providing them with more focused approach on improving the already mention bottom line of the organisation and supporting the idea of Fieldman et al. (2002) that job seekers can easily access the information providing the description of the job anytime and anywhere and also they can search the available positions of their interest online rather than responding to unattractive newspaper advertisements involving a long process of a “manual” handling of the materials regarding the application process (Radcliff, 2000). Moreover the applicants may keep communicating with the potential employer as a good practice of future contractual relationship and provide the employer with broader cluster of supportive information but as highlighted by Gale (2001) only relevant and quality information will be considered and relied on through onli...

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... accordance with the business strategy.
Nowadays the outsourcing plays a major part of effectively and proactively acting business organisations, which utilise outsourcing in order to minimize human capital investment and prove its cost saving advantages. However the effectiveness of outsourcing practices is considered rather as a short term tool of achieving desirable strategic business goals. In the long term, the crucial aspect of team based success, as well as the standard of services and attitudes towards the customer, are diminished. This eventuates in less control over the outsourcing, along with lesser chance of implementing corrective motions in real time. Overall the outsourcing has to be looked at from the perspective of mission and vision of the company and once these are all aligned, the company can certainly benefit from its resulting activities.

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