Recruitment And Selection Process For A Interview Essay

Recruitment And Selection Process For A Interview Essay

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Recruitment and Selection
In here I will talk about my job description person specification and other documents also I will be talking about what happened in the planning stages and the interview process. Also I will be reflecting on the whole planning process, furthermore I will talk about how the recruitment process could be improved and I will be comparing it with someone else.
Job Description:
Explain how it improves the recruitment and selection process particularly the interview;
This improves the recruitment and selection process particularly the interview because the managers will know who they are selecting for interview by looking at the candidates skills and experience to see whether if they have matched what it has been required for. Furthermore, this process is very quick because the managers don’t have to interview everyone that applied for the job, which I think is a good idea.

Describe how easy it is to create the document;
It was very easy to create this document because in side this document, it doesn’t need a lot of details but the main thing you need in your job description is what the job involves, skills and qualifications.

Explain how having that documentation benefits the interviewer and the interviewee;
By having a job description it benefits the interviewer because it helps them hire the right person for the job. Also it is useful for determining if the interviewee has social skills which may be necessary for the job. Further this can assess the candidate job knowledge, which it shows if they know what they are doing in the job. For the interviewee it benefits them because they can see what a typical day at the job will be like also so that they can see the skills that is needed as well to be able to pe...

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Interview process
What was good about the questions that you asked in the interview?
The questions I asked in the interview was so good because it makes the candidates think about what they are going to say to answer the question. Furthermore, the questions wasn’t too challenging for the candidate so they can respond to the questions easily.

Which questions could have been improved?
Can you work these hours?

How would you improve the questions?
I would improve this question by saying the hours and days the company are looking for in the candidate to apply for.

How would improving the questions at the interview effect the recruitment and selection process? (e.g, lead to clearer answers from candidates, allow for better comparison of candidates).

Compare your experience with that of a peer.
What could you take from their experience to improve your ow

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