Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Maradonas Essay

Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Maradonas Essay

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The guide serves to reflect the restaurant’s criteria of hiring its waiters/ waitresses and A Maitre D for the commencement of its operations in UK. The process shall begin with interviews which will be followed by practical activities, and induction. A mock interview and its results are also outlined.
Interview Questions and Ideal Answers
1) What are your qualifications?
The aim here is to find out the minimum qualification of the candidate. Ideally, he/she must have completed primary education with some technical education and / or experience in the field. School enrollment shall indicate that the candidate possesses fluency of language, correct pronunciation of English language, discipline and cleanliness which are the main requirements of the job (Roberts, G., 1997).
2) It is very likely that as a waiter you find yourself in a situation where you mishandle the chores. How will you go about correcting them?
This question is designed to get an idea of the candidate’s organization and self-management skills. The candidate could talk about a past situation where he/she has corrected himself/herself and/or create an imaginary situation for the same. It is important to note that the candidate does not demonstrate evidence of panicking and demonstrates maturity of thought and self-confidence (Dale, M., 2004).
3) It is highly likely that you will encounter customers from diverse cultures. How will your treatment differ with each?
Diversity management is one of the key core competencies of firms these days (Dale, M., 2004). Since we intend to compete with well established brands such as TGI Friday’s and Hard Rock Café, this is a skill that cannot be ignored. Here the candidate will be analyze...

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