Essay about Recruiting Violations in College Sports

Essay about Recruiting Violations in College Sports

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Sports are extremely popular around the world and only get more popular as time goes on. Sports is on television (TV), in the news, in the newspaper, and online. It only makes sense that this is the case. A sporting event is the ultimate drama. The variability of a game is what gets people so into it. Sports can tell a story, and teach great life lessons as well as inspire people. If sports are that important to the people around the world who watch it, just think about how important sports are to the ones who actually play it and coach it. It is their passion, their persona, their life. With the media’s harsh expectations of teams today, unless a team wins a championship, they are deemed unsuccessful. Since expectations are so high, everyone wants to compete to be the best. If a team wants a chance to compete, they have to have the best players, or the best cohesive combination of players. In professional sports, this is an easy fix. In professional sports, athletes are paid to play and therefore are marketable. To get players, teams can sign players to contracts, there are drafts, or teams can trade with other teams. So, professional sports teams can buy good players, where in college it is not so easy.
In college sports, since the athletes are not professionals but merely student athletes, these athletes can not take money to play sports a certain college. However, colleges do not have to just pick from what students they have in their school. They can recruit. Recruiting is trying to get an athlete to come play at a college, by endorsing that college as the right place for an athlete to play. It seems fair, the player ultimately gets to choose where he/she wants to play. However, the problem with this is that coaches and re...

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...its strong effort to promote fair recruiting and discourage bad behavior. Through strenuous regulations and numerous penalties, the NCAA is limiting the recruiting violations. It is striking fear into coaches across America, sending them the message that if they recruit unfairly, they will be punished. Although it sometimes seems unfair, the NCAA is taking the necessary steps to clean up college sports.

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