Recruiting and Selection Process in the Workplace Essay

Recruiting and Selection Process in the Workplace Essay

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Technology prevails in the way we do many things this is especially important in the business arena. Hiring is needed in every workplace to ensure the growth of a company occurs. By adding employees a business gains the potential to expand services and improve efficiency. This paper will present the issues based on a case study with recruiting, job description, selections, adverse impacts, and legal compliance.
Recruiting Sources

In hiring the appropriateness of identifying the proper recruitment sources is essential. According to The University of Connecticut Health Center (2013), interviewing does not make a good candidate out of a bad one. The higher the quality people coming into the interviewing process, the higher the quality the outcome of the worker. In the case study the customer service supervisor had the opportunity of preparing questions for interviewees, and the actual interview process. The more energy the hiring manager invests in recruiting the better the results will be (The University of Connecticut Health Center, 2013).
Having an individual who is good at interviewing and has the skills to improve the odds of finding the proper employees is critical for the company. The Stars Hollow Hat Company insisted on gaining individuals for the customer service representative area, and asked the customer service supervisor to do the hiring. Asking people who you trust or have connections can find quality employees about 70% of the time (The University of Connecticut Health Center, 2013). One reason managers need to attend conferences and participate in professional organizations is to help them build and maintain networks for when an employer is looking to hire.
Job Description and Selection

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...scrimination matters.

The research analysis has highlighted the Stars Hollow Hat Company and issues surrounding Recruiting Sources with regards to Job Description and Selection. This essay further outlined the Adverse Impacts and legal compliance issues set forth by the state and government.


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