Recriuiting the Most Suitable Laboratory Animals for Food Allergy Modeling

Recriuiting the Most Suitable Laboratory Animals for Food Allergy Modeling

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During the last few years, most of the societies, all over the world, have been facing a progressive increase of adverse reactions to food. Accordingly, as many as 20-30% of the general population, in the gross, report some two adverse reactions to food components, of which, for the most part, allergic disorders are of considerable concerns owing to their epidemic increase in prevalence and morbidity.
Our understanding of these diseases has enabled the search of therapeutic approaches that can either modulate the sensitization process or impact on allergic mediators and hereby, helping manage allergic symptoms/signs.
Currently, numerous strategies for definitive treatment are being studied, but, most of the clinical studies concerning these new therapies are still, performed in animal models and evidently, not all of them do necessarily offer hope for better treatments in mankind subjects.
The objective of this study was to confirm the sensitizing-operation fulfillment in a wistar model of peanut allergy.
21 out of all 50 rats, were subjected to sensitization, three times, one week apart with crude peanut extract(CPE). Each sensitization attempt was done over 2 consecutive days.
Subsequently, rats were challenged, and anaphylactic reaction parameters including variations in plasma histamine levels, vascular permeability, systemic anaphylaxis scores, and total serum Immunoglobulin E levels were measured.
Taking to account the homeostatic similarities between rat and man, previous studies have suggested that the Brown Norway Rats are the most pertinent model for human allergic diseases. Here, based on our findings, we dare report, for the first time, that the wistar model may even be more predictive of human food-allergic responses....

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...iven as means ±SD for each group (21 rats, each).
PN: Peanut, IgE: Immunoglobulin E, W: week, ELISA: Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, SD: Standard Deviation, C-: Negative Control, and C+: Positive Control.
Day #0; *P < 0.000 Negative Control vs Positive Control.
Day #32; *P < 0.000 Positive Control vs Negative Control.

Fig. 1: Plasma Histamine Levels 1- w post-sensitization period followed by ig PNE-challenges in both groups of Wistar Rats. Blood specimens for plasma histamine levels were obtained 25-30 min after the second challenge dose administration and were determined by using ELISA. Data have been given as means ± SD for each group (21 rats, each). ). W: week, Ig: intragastric, PNE: Peanut extract, ELISA: Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, SD: Standard Deviation, C+: Positive Control; C-: Negative Control. *P < 0.004 Positive Controls vs Naive Rats.

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