Recovery Plan For A New Disaster Plan Essay

Recovery Plan For A New Disaster Plan Essay

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Recovery Plan
After recognizing the attributes, and information revolving around this vulnerable population, before, during and after this occurrence, it is clear that there must be a higher focus on both pre-disaster and recovery plans for this population group. As aforementioned, due to the lack of personal and professional associations, and lack of resources available to them, certain special aspects and requirements must be present in a specific recovery plan. In any recovery plan, the process starts with adequate pre-disaster planning in order to avoid panic and confusion during the response and recovery phase. While creating this pre-disaster plan, there are multiple subjects that must be accounted for, such as aspects and parts of the National Response Framework, or NRF, which would include crucial and all necessary Emergency Support Functions, or EFS’s, resources and resource allocation, budget and cost, all while training and keeping personnel at an acceptable or adequate level.
Focusing on this specific vulnerable population, pre-disaster planning must take into account the low economic status of the population, and start from there. Due to the focus on this specific vulnerable population, the specialized recovery plan would be carried out through the American Red Cross. Since the Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that is monitored and charted through congress to provide relief and assistance, it would make sense that they have the specific plans for this population. Since a large majority of the persons who conduct activities through the American red cross are volunteers, it would make sense that a liaison program, among others, focus on that specific population to make the organization aware of the needs and t...

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...ant federal funding to assist in their implementation.
One of these key aspects that don’t require much funding but can increase the overall resilience of a community that should be acknowledged is increasing public knowledge. By local governments and agencies offering information concerning the natural hazards and other possible events that could occur to the public, their awareness could increase their concerns and their strategies to minimize the effects they feel. An example being possibly offering information about the disasters the region is prone to, such as in the instance of Hurricane Katrina, informing the public of the possibilities, such as the storm surge and flooding, to how they could mitigate or recover from the occurrence. This is also when officials could inform the public of such strategies as public transportation and possible shelter locations.

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