Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy For Schizophrenia Treatment Essay

Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy For Schizophrenia Treatment Essay

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Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Schizophrenia Treatment
Schizophrenia spectrum is correlated with one or more of the five areas: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking or speech, grossly disorganized or abnormal motor behavior, and negative symptoms such as diminished emotional expression or decrease in motivated self-initiated activities (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Schizophrenia symptoms usually begins showing in the early to mid-adolescent stage and typically diagnosed in the mid to late twenties, however might be diagnosed at an earlier or later age. According to the American Psychiatric Association (2013), the cognitive deficit in schizophrenia may impact the client’s vocational and functional abilities. This added to the stigma surrounding those with schizophrenia and aggression, the client may struggle in society with finding employment and/or housing if not properly treated. The exact cause of schizophrenia is not yet known. However, there are effective treatments available to allow the individual to lead a productive and fulfilling life.
The Article
The article I chose is Successfully Breaking a 20-year Cycle of Hospitalizations with Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Schizophrenia written by Grant, Reisweber, Luther, Brinen, & Beck (2014). It is the belief of the authors that individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia can recover if given the opportunity to receive proper treatment. The article represents the recovery process of “Mary” a 57-year-old Irish American woman who has been receiving conventional treatment for the last 25 years with approximately five hospitalizations per year (Grant, Reisweber, Luther, Brinen, & Beck, 2014). Mary has been unable to take care of her ADL’s inde...

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...e or helpful to them. If the thought is determined to not be accurate, the client is to substitute it with one that is. By Mary utilizing the various aspects of Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy, she was able to avoid hospitalization entirely over a 24-month period, stopped making the phone calls, improved family relationships, increased her self-efficacy, and began volunteering (Grant, et al., 2014).
Schizophrenia can be treated utilizing the right treatment and the individual can lead a fulfilling life. Without proper treatment, individuals continue to face social isolation, uncontrolled hallucinations and delusions, negative outcomes, and abnormal behaviors which will continue to grow the stigmatism surrounding this mental illness. Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy appears to be an effective intervention strategy for those suffering from this mental illness.

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