Essay on Recovery Oriented Approach For Mental Health Service Delivery

Essay on Recovery Oriented Approach For Mental Health Service Delivery

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Recovery-oriented approach to mental health service delivery aims to support consumers in building and maintain a meaningful life and their personal identity regardless of whether they are in control of their symptoms. Recovery-oriented practice focuses on a holistic approach to wellbeing, building on the individual’s strength. Recovery-oriented practice is an approach to mental health, which includes the principles of self-determination and personalised care. This practice holds emphasises on hope, social inclusion, community participation and goal setting in order to promote a relationship between consumers and mental health professionals (Department of Health and Human Services 2011, p. 2). These principles aid the consumer by encouraging their rights for self-determination and creating their own, personalised recovery process. The collaboration between the consumer and mental health professional assists with the recovery and incorporation of consumer into more meaningful and fulfilling activities allowing the consumer to take control of their life (Edward et al. 2014, 66). Recovery is supported by good relationships, personal growth and developing their own cultural or spiritual perspectives, which is why the nomination process and information sharing is so important. Individuals supporting a consumer during the recovery process need to encourage them to allow them to develop their skills and support them to achieve their goals (MHF 2015). Recovery is a personal experience. It’s different for each consumer and therefore a range of services and services models must be considered when supporting a consumer’s recovery. When working with the consumer to create an individualised, accessible and comprehensive recovery service, all ...

... middle of paper ... of the consumer in question. The consumer will have increased employment rates, increased involvement within their community, a decreased burden on their families and carers, improved relationship between family and cares. Their involvement is also cost effective as they need fewer treatments costs thus signification saving money and resources for the health care system (Victorian Mental Health 2015, pp. 16-17). Consumers tend to have a significantly lowered social and support network. Support from carers and family has been identified as an important element towards the recovery-oriented service system (Buckland 2005 p. 21). The participation of consumers, carers and their families can strongly facilitate and innovative new recovery-oriented treatments, as well as support methods to resource and support the consumer’s chosen recovery outcomes (Pinches 2014, p.2).

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