Recovery Model for Mental Health Essay

Recovery Model for Mental Health Essay

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The mental health seminar course that was taught for the Master’s in Social Work Program had excellent topics that required sophisticated conversations in regards to the current trends in the mental health. The recovery model provided a unique approach that was culturally sensitive and empowering for many participants in the mental health field. As Cohen (2005) discusses the unsuccessfulness of the medical model, many participants often experience stigmas and poorer treatments with diagnosis. Hence, an interesting discussion on empowerment and independence was mentioned during our group discussion. Quite often, many participants are given medication and experience serve issues of dependency and maniac episodes (Cohen 2005). Moreover, the group discussed best practices that involved holistic methods of assisting participants in order to provide an increase in positive outcomes.
The guest speakers in the mental health seminar were wondering, as many were experts in the field of social work. On September 26th, Tanya McPeters, LMFT, came to speak to the class about intervention and tre...

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