Recovery And Professional Caring By Jean Watsons Theory Of Human Caring And The Repper And Perkins Recovery Model

Recovery And Professional Caring By Jean Watsons Theory Of Human Caring And The Repper And Perkins Recovery Model

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Recovery and professional caring both are integrated in everyone’s career as a nurse. As nurses we need to aid individuals in the recovery process, as well as promoting a professional and caring environment for them to strive in. Jean Watsons Theory of Human Caring and the Repper and Perkins recovery model both inter-relate in recovering from an illness. In all three of the recovery models components that are inter-related, authenticity is needed to make the connections with the patients, especially with the model being based on individual adaption and preference (Bennet et al., 2014, p. 39). This is more of a contemporary way of thinking as it more relates to change and growth of the individual (Collier, 2010, p. 17). To be able to aid a patient to make a full recovery, the patient must have the resources and support, with good intentions and authenticity from those who are enabling them, such as nurses.
Tanner (2006) made a clinical judgment model thinking like a nurse in which research of literature of the topic clinical judgment was reviewed and used to develop this model (p. 208). This clinical judgment model includes four major steps; noticing, interpreting, responding, and reflecting. The first step, noticing involves grasping the situation including the nurse’s previous knowledge and experiences of the potential situation with normality’s and abnormalities (Tanner, 2006, p. 208). The second step, interpreting is establishing and understanding all the data which is being presented (Tanner, 2006, p. 208-209). The third step, responding is incorporating a course of action for the situation that involves either not acting at all or responding to the situation (Tanner, 2006, p. 208). The final fourth step is reflecting, whic...

... middle of paper ... me practicing as a future registered nurse by assessing the situation with using the two nursing care models, as well as the nursing care theory that I researched, learned, and applied.
In conclusion, the nursing concept recovery and professional caring both inter-relate as authenticity is needed to be able to appropriately help a patient through the recovery process. The use of the nursing care models and theory revealed that my patient was recovering quite well, though I need to work on my authenticity in nursing, as I am very task oriented. Recovery is a important aspect in caring for a patient who are ill and in the hospital setting, in which exploring the topic made me more aware of. Experiencing an MI can be deadly, though it can also lead to be debilitating to a patients health status, focus on the need for recovery is optimal practice for these patients.

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