Essay on Recovered From Fender?

Essay on Recovered From Fender?

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recovered from the offender. For example, a victim’s of murder may receive funds for the funeral cost, but the agency goes after the murderer for the 5,000 (maximum you can receive). Well the murderer is in prison where and when they will be able to repay the funds. Now here is the crazy part the murderer’s family can receive funds due to the lost of family income.(they must have cohabited for 12 months prior to the murder. Now the agency is considering garnishing the inmates’ wages or monies on their “books” to pay restitution. Well the monies put on their books are usually placed their by their family members. Well this is not a well thought out plan. This confusing analysis or description of the fund went on for two hours. At the end of the presentation we were quizzed on the information. Yea I won a book bag of goodies, good thing I paid attention. I left there saying if you have a victim of a crime call the number on this cup and let them figure it out.
Supervision with Erica
Today I had to tell Erica that I concluded Mary was passive aggressive and I would not entertain her in my energy. She is intimidated by my clinical perspective that I bring to the group and I cannot help her with her insecurities all I can do is make sure I am respectful and do a good job providing anger management tools, so these men not to reoffend. I processed my feeling about doing one on one therapy and I was eager to learn how this process works. I talked about my feelings about my mid-term evaluation, and she said I was progressing well and did not have any concerns. Yes! I’m proud of myself. She said that she was most impressed with my thought process when conflict arises and how I process growth within myself. Well at the end of the day it is...

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...hey start thinking you don’t “FIT IN” never understood what the hell does it have to do with the task/job. Then somebody created something call moral, it boost moral. What really boost moral is eliminate the “crap” at jobs people. People don’t want to discuss this topic 1. Pay us more 2. Stop trying to make us do the job of 5 people and list it as “other duties” 3. If you don’t want to do it; neither do I 4. Leave your personal life at home. Okay, this is the “VENT” session of my journal. On the positive side, I got some rewards at the party for being a team player: a chick fila gift card, and secondly, I won 3rd place for my cap and gown graduate costume; cracker barrel gift card. We played some fun games and I must admit had a good time.
Clinical Supervision with Ellen
This was a boring session; I really was tired and did not have too much to say. We focused on

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