Essay on The Recording Client Data For The Organization

Essay on The Recording Client Data For The Organization

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Based on the study, it is clear to see that the recording client data is significant to the organisation because it helps remind personnel of information that they may have forgotten, or as in the case of new clients such as Damon, understand about previous transactions. Client data should be stored securely because it entrusted to the organisation. A clients will usually provide information such as their name (company name), date of birth (registration), identity card (copies of certificates), foundation document, written reference, bank account[s], contact information (physical postal address, telephone, mobile and email), and verification of the data provided from another party (Hendriks & Fruytier 2014). All client data should be codified, meaning that it should be efficiently created, located, captured and disseminated as knowledge so that it can be used to solve problems and identify opportunities. In the case of Manic Marketers, the data should have been refined that is acquire knowledge, refine the data through labelling and indexing and categorising, storing the data , retrieval option, and distribution (Hanisch, et al. 2009).
Blacker identified five forms of organisational knowledge namely embrained knowledge, embodied knowledge, encultured knowledge, embedded knowledge and encoded knowledge, which are found in modern organisations (Hendriks & Fruytier 2014). Understanding these types of knowledge can help in managing how they are used in firms. According to Steiger, Hammou and Galib, the various forms of knowledge that exist provide conceptual distinction have been used to explain behavioural an psychological facets of knowledge. Besides encoded knowledge, embrained knowledge (knowledge acquired through education s...

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...trieval of information – within an organisation is similar to having not technology at all. In addition, the organisation should be able to collaborate when it come to acquiring new information and sharing the information with other people within the organisation. This can only be done if the organisation has a culture of inclusivity and diversity where everyone is accorded respect and given equal opportunities. One way of facilitating this is my inculcating a mentorship program within the organisation where experts offer mentorship and coaching to inexperienced staff members. In any case, mentors provide the needed help that can steer the worker in the right direction. Therefore, what you know is not enough, it is about the people you know and how you can work together. This is a core principle in an organisation that boast of having a knowledge environment.

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