Essay about The Record and Information Management Program (RIM)

Essay about The Record and Information Management Program (RIM)

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The final chapter that will be cover is, “the record and information management program (RIM). (381) In this stage of expanding our knowledge we need to exam and discuss all components of RIM. The goal of learning this information will be to have a career in this field of study. Part of this discuss will be elaborating on the responsibilities, purpose, and guidelines in the RIM program. A considerable amount of companies in todays, business environment have a back-up plan guard against natural disasters and system malfunctions. The main concepts and terms will expand our knowledge on of RIM program.
Key Points:
We need to discuss what the RIM Program responsibilities and components are and how they are used in record management. The responsible for the storage of all records be it media files or other files. The main components of the RIM program are: “record storage; retention and destruction; compliance; active records management; and inactive records management.”(382-387) Record storage is based on the life cycle of the records. The record life cycle is whether the files are in an active status or an inactive status. “The business also has to decide how much their budget allows for materials and equipment needed to store the files and media. The storage environment needs to be a clean dry space, free of clutter, and environmental elements; such as, dust.”(382)
The process for record retention and destruction play another large part of record management. The retention is based on the amount of space a company has to store the information. Active files are stored at your place of business and inactive files are stored at an offsite location. Then management will decide how long the records will stay in active s...

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...task required of us by employers. The RIM program information allowed us to learn about vital components need to protect the life cycle of records. The tools or skills need to create or evaluate a record cycle is demonstrated; as well as, when to retain information or destroy it. The RIM program also gives us an insight into the laws and regulation needs to protect records. Records like many other things in today society have to be recorded, controlled, and inventory periodically. If company information is vital to the success of the company must also look at how to protect it from a disaster. The final information is simple knowing about management, integrated RIM software, and implementing policy in regard to RIM software.

Works Cited

Read, J., & Ginn, M. L. (2008). Chapter 12. Record Management (9th ed., pp. 381-401). Mason,OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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