The Reconstruction Period and Racism Towards African Americans Essay

The Reconstruction Period and Racism Towards African Americans Essay

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The Reconstruction Period which may also be known as the Radical Reconstruction took place from 1865 to 1877 (Foner, 439). Throughout this time a coherent definition for Freedom was not yet established leading to many disadvantages mainly to the African American communities. During this time political, social and economic issues affected the South. Therefore, regaining order in the Confederate state became important to the Union. By 1865 Congress established the Freedmen’s Bureau which brought a successful outcome, but was not sufficient to cure all established problems. According to Eric Foner the Freedmen’s Bureau was seen as a government experiment with the idea of establishing a sense of equality between social interactions. Not only this but it offered assistance to the poor and aged it brought about peace between the whites, blacks and freed people it helped establish equality between different social classes in the presence of courts. Many expectations were placed when established, but unfortunately not all were accomplished. Even though notable outcomes were seen, by the end of 1877 African Americans experienced disenfranchisement, segregation and racism. By making use of Ways of white folks written by Langston Hughes and Give me Liberty by Eric Foner both authors help depict an accurate idea of African American and White social and cultural interaction.
The interaction between African American and White differed in every aspect especially toward social problems. Social interaction between these two groups was unequal. African American experienced racial discrimination. This struggle can be best described in “Cora Unashamed.” “Cora Unashamed” by Langston Hughes effectively portrays the inequality between African America...

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...hite woman therefore many false accusations were placed upon him an African American. His action was first seen as an insult then as a form of attack toward the white women and as members of the white social class began to increase causing a mob the accusations led to the beliefs of rape. Consequently, a common practice in the south during the late 1800’s to middle 1900’s was taken about. Throughout 1883 and 1905 lynching was a common widespread practice mainly in the south (Foner, 522). Lynching is described as “a practice in which people (usually black) accused of a crime were murdered by mobs before standard trials (Foner, A-82).” Unfortunately, lynching in the south only needed one accusation or form of misunderstanding for an innocent to get murdered by a mob.
In both Cora unashamed and Home racial discrimination can be seen, but through a different viewpoint

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