Reconstructing Human Resources : The Toronto Star Essay example

Reconstructing Human Resources : The Toronto Star Essay example

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Reconstructing Human Resources
In recent months, the Toronto Star published an article about the city needing to prepare to fill 500,000 jobs over the next several years. The report details that there will be a substantial increase in the professional, scientific, health, and social services sector; with a severe decrease in the manufacturing sector, due to the both new job as well as expected retirements. With the surge of new jobs, it is believed that it will help combat the high unemployment range in youth and young adults. The article indicates that the Canadian economy is slowly shifting from resources and manufacturing, forcing corporations to restructure. Additionally, the report forecasts a widening gap between high-income jobs and low income jobs as middle income jobs decline. This information could be beneficial to human resources mangers because it will help them in forecasting the availability of supply for certain positions. Managers can better adapt the recruitment and selection based on the skills and qualifications of the new age job market. Finally, Managers can focus on career development to bridge the gap between low and high income jobs.
Human Resource Managers can greatly benefit from the information in the article. The information enables managers to further plan for the future in terms of forecasting the availability of candidates and forecasting future human resources needs. Internally, mangers are going to need to review there current workforce and anticipate possible retirement or re-structuring that will be need to meet the projected growth of their sector. Resource mangers will also need to look at certain external factors such as; unemployment and the types of people currently seeking jobs. This ext...

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...eer that has an over supply of labour, making it difficult to break into that respective job field. This article is not only important to me but it should be important to everyone that is unemployed, seeing employment as it provides insight into the job sectors.
Toronto’s region will need to fill 500,000 jobs in next five years, is a compelling must read article, for both potential job seekers as well as human resource managers from all types of industries. The article can help any manager to prepare for the future a successfully plan for the availability of labour supply and demand. It can also provide a incisive insight into the labour market providing information on how to designing and analyze jobs in the corporation. Lastly, human resource managers can use this information and forecast of the future to better develop and shape the careers for their employees.

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