Reconcile Capacity and Demand Essay

Reconcile Capacity and Demand Essay

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Information technology services industry is a highly competitive cost based operation sector where availability of resources, tangible and intangible, is key to sauccessful projects. This makes a significant challenge to accurately reconcile capacity and demand. OpenText is a leader in providing enterprise content management solutions and we will analyse consulting services provided in the European market along with effect on demand in today’s changing economic environment.

Slack et al (2009, p.248) defines relationship between capacity and demand as:
"Capacity is the output that an operation can deliver in a defined unit of time. Demand is the quantity of products and services that customers request from an operation or process at any point in time".

Managing capacity is an on-going effort in the industry by reducing cost through repeat business and by engaging new potential markets and customers; This while managing customer expectations and ensuring quality of service. Customer engagement and service delivery are key to OpenText’s economic competitiveness in the market. Employee development and attracting highly skilled individuals to the organisation are essential in delivering quality service. When considering potential projects, OpenText need to know the resource availability to perform the tasks. This demand for resources is weighted against who is available (capacity) to determine if additional resources are required to meet the demand and if required what types of resources are needed. As a result the resource availability (capacity) planning is important in project (demand) planning and delivery. This demand is based on existing and new proposals for OpenText. Demand elements like opportunity, project portfolio, ...

... middle of paper ... uncertainty. IIE Transactions 34 717-728.
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