Recommendation to Invest in the Animation Industry Essay example

Recommendation to Invest in the Animation Industry Essay example

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After thorough research in the animation industry, it is strongly recommended that the corporation, World-Wide Investment Inc., should invest. Over the years, businesses in the animation industry have come to be known as companies that create feature films, television shows, software, comics, and more for consumers all across the globe. It is a rapidly expanding industry in today’s economy, supplying a worldwide audience with both entertainment and careers. Computer Generated Images (CGI) plays a chief role in movies, including popular films that generate millions of dollars such as the “Toy Story” series. In contrast, the majority of directors continue to use actors and actresses to play characters, but even then, they may have green screens to create a setting. This proves that animation has still not disappeared. Through business fundamentals, international business, and marketing, it is clear just how positive the animation industry’s future is shaping up to be and why it is a worthwhile investment.

Business Fundamentals
The animation industry satisfies consumer needs and wants, because it provides motion pictures that the consumers want to watch like animated feature films, and television shows, and products that the consumers classify they need for survival such as t-shirts. Furthermore, the feedback that the product produces encourages the business in the animation industry to maintain the supply the consumers are obtaining, or even improve it so that there are more potential customers. As a result, they resume selecting, producing, and distributing products that they need or want. Therefore, by investing in this industry, it will expand the market, consequently making World-Wide Investment Inc. h...

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