Reckless Acts of Bravery in The Snake Charmer by Jamie James and Safe Haven

Reckless Acts of Bravery in The Snake Charmer by Jamie James and Safe Haven

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People tend to do or commit acts of craziness in times of distress. However, this maybe due to the realization of how important the situation is, resulting in great, or stupid, acts of courage and bravery. Nonetheless, most of these crazy acts revolve around the love of someone or something.
Bravery was revealed all throughout The Snake Charmer and to Joe Slowinski “... to be afraid: It just wasn’t in his nature.” (James 13). Periodically throughout the book, Slowinski experiences scenarios of great stupid, but extreme, bravery. An example of this is his constant use of bare snake wrestling, not using his snake grappling hook. Surprisingly so, even with a snake bitten infected right hand, Joe “...still managed to catch another Copperhead, left handed.” (52). Joe Slowinski was a brave man, even if it came at the worst of times, such as the time he “... absentmindedly thrust his right hand into the sack to extract a snake…” (8) which ultimately lead to his sad, yet ironic death.
The story of a sea rescue is portrayed as “heroic” and “an outstanding contribution to search and rescue” (Margaret, Linley). While off duty, a local officer assisted a boy back to shore after having been caught in a rip tide. His actions were valiant, as were the boy’s father, who died while trying to save his son.
John Riggs risked not only his body and health, but his also his life, in order to save his family. Nearing a July evening dusk, a massive, unexpected storm rolled into the Chesapeake Bay, taking a turn for the worse for everyone aboard Riggs boat. With the "...water pouring over the stern" (Spitznagel, Eric), they eventually flipped over and the boat capsized. Riggs, realizing that it would be impossible for anyone to find them that late at ...

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...strike again, Erin stabs Kevin in the torso. Erin, after being abused for many months, decided to stand up and make a change by fighting back and finding courage, something many abused spouses seem to not be able to find. In this movie, Safe Haven, courage is also revealed when Erin and Kevin ensue in a physical fight, ending with Erin fatally shooting Kevin in self defense.
The mind can make people do crazy things in the simplest or the most stressful situations. As shown in the articles, movie, and book, it takes courage and bravery to do what most people will not do or fear to do. In order to overcome fear, one must find courage and be brave, such as David Cooper did in his sea rescue or Joe Slowinski when that pesky brown king snake hung around his neck at the age of 3. In conclusion, it’s easy to agree that courage and bravery drive people to do crazy things.

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