The Reciprocal Relationship Of Loneliness And Facebook Essay

The Reciprocal Relationship Of Loneliness And Facebook Essay

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Many people around the world ‘Like’ Facebook as a means of social interaction, especially young adults. One question that researchers and psychologists are asking is whether or not Facebook is making us lonely or is it just that lonesome people are more attracted to Facebook? The research article “An Examination of the reciprocal relationship of loneliness and Facebook use among first-year college students” by Lai Lei Lou and several others suggests that lonesome people like to use online social contact because it shields them from the embarrassing and awkward situations they might face in real-life interactions. They also found that it is bound for socially isolated people to sooner or later bring some kind of online relationship into their real lives, like meeting up at gaming conventions for online gamers and such. Some of these relationships can even develop into close and even committed relationships (Lou et all, 107). So this points to the fact that Facebook does not in fact make us lonely, but instead it can be a tool for lonesome people to meet their friends and/or life partners and have a healthier social life. People should use Facebook the way it was meant to be and broaden their social circles using it instead of saying that it is making them lonesome.
Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has made it easy for millions of people to communicate with each other and share their lives with one another. Most people nowadays use Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites and apps. While some research says that Facebook does in fact make people lonely, other research disagrees. Facebook can be used to share private details about a person’s life, get involved in the recent news happening, or even simply watching funny ...

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Facebook is a great tool available to everyone, and like every tool it can be used for good or for evil. In order to counter its negative effects, Facebook should be used the way it was intended. Not doing so has been shown to lead to loneliness and social anxiety, and Facebook being blamed as the cause of these maladies. Social networking has helped many people strengthen and develop new friendships from classmates, work colleagues, and many other people that were not a large part of their lives. Facebook is made to maintain and grow your existing friendships, but not necessarily exclusively for forging and maintaining new ones. Facebook is not a dating site and is meant to help you maintain and strengthen your existing relationships and when used properly, it can give great opportunities for social success and help alleviate existing social issues and concerns.

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